How Live Shows Are Revolutionizing Pre-Owned Luxury Shopping

Live selling has been around for a while, starting with content creators on YouTube in 2013 and continuing with recent Facebook Live Sales.

Live selling has grown by 76% during the pandemic, and it has been more popular recently with platforms like Poshmark and Shopshop.

It's a new way of shopping that offers high interactivity and user engagement, allowing users to participate actively in the live interaction.

But where did live selling originate? It all started in China with influencer makeup videos. These videos featured influencers communicating with their fans and viewers, showcasing the product's selling points in a particular environment to close the deal. 

Live shopping has since evolved to create a scene of old friends chatting, drawing fans and anchors closer together and driving the atmosphere of the live broadcast. It is authentic, and the user trust level is higher than ordinary video due to its direct communication, breaking the distance limits of TV. The rise of social media and e-commerce introduces Live Sales creating a new channel to present their products and likely to become an increasingly popular tool for our products to reach their target audience. 

Luxury resellers now utilize live selling platforms such as Poshmark, Shopshop, and Whatnot to reach a wider audience and offer exclusive experiences.

The Live Shows on Poshmark will allow pre-loved luxury enthusiasts to interact & entertain within the experience and ask questions in real-time.

At Jebwa, Live Sales present an exciting and engaging way for us to connect with pre-loved luxury lovers and help luxury items find new homes. Jebwa has joined the Live Shows on Poshmark, and with a team of hosts, we are providing a seamless experience for pre-loved luxury consumers.
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