With Jebwa Exchange, you can update your closet whenever you like.

Exchange the bag that you enjoyed enough and swap it with the new monogram or style that you want to enjoy in this season.  

How it works 


Buy now

Enjoy your item


Get your new  favorite

Enjoy your new favorite for up to 12 months
 Exchange it in 0-12 months for credit worth 65-75% of its purchase price
Apply your store credit toward your next purchase


Exchange Periods:

Jebwa Date: Enjoy your new favorite up to 180 days, exchange it and get up to 75% of your original purchase price. 

Jebwa Flex: Exchange your item in between 180 days-365 days and get up to 65% of the original purchase price. 

Missed the exchange period? 

No worries. Sell your once-loved Jebwa purchase back to us for its current resale value, and earn 20% more when you opt for payment in Jebwa Store Credit.

Sell to Jebwa


Is Jebwa exchange the same as leasing or renting? 

Jebwa exchange is a new way of owning luxury goods, contrary to renting, you remain the owner of the item as soon as you pay the purchase price until you decide to exchange it.

There is also no obligation to exchange, so if you love it keep it! Jebwa informs you on the 12 months exchange prices so you can purchase with confidence.

How do I use Jebwa Exchange? 

Jebwa exchange is available on our website at www.jebwa.com/sell link. Please do not forget to mention on the description that it's an Jebwa Exchange item. Our team will reach out to you to confirm your initial purchase. 


How does my transaction qualify for Jebwa exchange? 

Jebwa exchange only applies if:
  • You purchased the item on our website.
  • You are exchanging the exact same item in the same condition as when it was purchased from Jebwa, with the following exceptions:
    • Items that suffered excessive wear or damage after purchase from Jebwa
    • Items from companies or sellers other than Jebwa
    • Items Originally sold for under $350
    • Items must pass inspection upon return, to ensure that the condition meets its original condition when purchased.
  • You submit your item for exchange no later than 12 months after the purchase date
  • Your exchange will be in Jebwa Credit only 

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