How to Buy Luxury For Less?

A designer luxury handbag is 'the' item at the top of fashion lovers' wish list. Indeed, these luxurious items are so high in demand they might not be affordable for every budget. That is why the idea of 'sale in luxury handbags' is fascinating for most fashionistas, despite most luxury brands do not discount their prices at their retail channels. 

Luxury at a Discount

If you've always wanted to have a designer bag within a tight budget, now you have plenty of options this shopping season on Who doesn't want to buy their favorite designer bag with %50 off?

Besides, if you are interested in jewelry and watches, we offer many deals in Jebwa's Sale Seasons, Weekly Steals or the upcoming holiday seasons. From Cartier to Bulgari, you will add many valuable styles to your accessory collection.

Join the Pre-Owned Luxury Revolution!

Before we look at the cult-worthy styles to find something exceptional for you, let's highlight why buying vintage makes sense for a budget-minded shopper.

Sustainability has been a crucial topic for the fashion industry; since the industry contributes to the world's waste problem and negative impact on the environment.

Buying pre-loved luxury items save the environment by lengthening the items' lifetime. The truth is, for the most part, vintage luxury bags are much more hip than the new ones because of the item's history; the 'vintage' feel gives a unique sense to the item. In addition, those handbags demonstrate the exceptional quality of luxury, timeless character, and high value of being in any wardrobe.

What is on Sales?

Various handbags, jewelry, and watches are on sale on this sale season and the weekly steals collection all year long, and yes, it can be hard to decide what to choose. 

To help you out, we provide some highlights of luxury handbags and accessories from the most popular and valuable luxury brands. Whether you are looking for a timeless item for your wardrobe, a Christmas gift for your beloved ones, or a little treat for yourself, we can offer you the best options in the resale market in this shopping season.


Firstly, we should admit that Chanel is always in high demand. We are bringing you one-of-a-kind vintage Chanel models in the pre-loved luxury market.

  • This classic black Chanel comes with precious leather, a big logo, and chain straps, great for daily use.
  • A red Chanel bag is always timeless with its color and small gold logo. It has this quilted style looking exquisite.
  • Chanel Matelasse is the ultimate grab-and-go style
  • The Tweed Chanel bag is a unique one. It will immediately upgrade your look with its unique style.
  • Pink Chanel organizer can be an every fashion-lovers dream. You can consider it as a Christmas gift to your beloved ones.
  • There is nothing more sophisticated than a black Chanel watch; we welcome you to reach within a more sensible means.

Louis Vuitton

If you are a true luxury handbag addict, you know that Louis Vuitton is the essential brand to have in your wardrobe. Here are some great styles with winning deals:

  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull belongs to the sellout style category. This classic model is perfect for everyday use with its spacious inside and a zipper pocket.
  • Who can say no to a red EPI leather handbag? This Noe Louis Vuitton is a remarkable one.

  • If you are familiar with the pre-loved resale market, you'll notice that a good condition Louis Vuitton Saumur is a rarity. Here is a selection that will fit your style.
  • Iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy comes in an irresistible red color. Let's admit that this one is quite a catch.
  • The Louis Vuitton Alma model is such a classic; it definitely belongs to your timeless wardrobe.
  • Travels become even more unforgettable with the 'Keepall' model. If you are someone who travels a lot, then this is your call.
  • Creamy-colored leather Louis Vuitton bracelet will complete your everyday look.


Then there is Gucci that everybody loves and admires. 

  • This Gucci tote bag with its remarkable logo is worth considering. It is seasonless with its unique brown leather, and it is perfect for everyday use.
  • Creamy-colored canvas GG Gucci is so elegant that it almost looks like an art piece. In fall and spring, it will look great with trench coats.
  • Gucci Web shoulder bag is incredibly unique with its gold riding boots shaped buckle. 


Hermes bags are such a dream with all the brand heritage and the style that amazes every one of us.

  • This bag is formed of the vivid orange, which is Hermes' distinctive color. Hermes striped shoulder bag is that perfect piece that you are looking for in your unique collection of luxury bags.
  • The tabac color is very desirable, and no doubt your travels will be in such a luxury mood.
  • We know that you want this Hermes Constance belt; it is that timeless belt with its H buckle and will be perfect with all your outfits.
  • The need for a belt emerging with a dog collar brings us to Hermes' iconic "Collier de Chien" bracelet. A bracelet with the purity of the belt's lines and volume.
  • What an elegant way of managing your time; this Hermes watch will lead you along your daily journey.

Tell us the Time 

Now is the perfect time to buy luxury watches with great deals. Whether it is a Christmas gift to your beloved ones or a desire to add it to your luxury collection:

It is very much known that if you search for your pre-owned luxury, we are offering you the best opportunities. Go ahead and discover more handbags with great deals on this sale season; here are the other options, which are under $600 and $1000.

 Under 600    

  Under 1000

Remember, Jebwa provides numerous luxury deals all year long, but shopping season is the perfect time to buy your favorite pre-loved handbags.

You can treat yourself with these great deals and, most importantly, know that you have invested in a true heirloom.