What luxury fashion you peek this summer?

This season, we dare you to try spring and summer colors. Show your vital energy through new generation bags. You can be as adventurous as you like with these recent trends because we are now as vivant as pre-pandemic and ready to show our new versions to the world. Our schedule begins to be full of events and plans outside with the sun shining. 

On the other hand, while trendy bags are hot items, shoppers can also focus on classic bags and see them as small investments. So, we are now introducing you to styles that are trendy and, at the same time, wearable for a long time. 

In our newest handbag guide, you will find luxury bags with monograms and branded clasps. Furthermore, you will discover handbags with rainbow colors, tote bags that you can put everything in, and basic but timeless classics.

Branded Bags

It is always worth investing in premium logo bags. This season, they become the pinnacle of runways as a handbag trend. These bags display their brand voice boldly and significantly. Monogram bags are now a trend but always have a timeless signature. Logo bags are always classic, covetable, and hold their resale value. 

Let's have a look at our editor's pick:

This Gucci beauty is suitable for a summer night out. It has a new generation 'Guccy' logo, which makes the bag distinctive.
gucci gold

Our editor also picked this Fendi shoulder bag thanks to its branded clasp and monogram pattern. Its style is timeless and yet remarkable with its shape.
Monogram Louis Vuitton is a classic but very catchy with its shining metal clasp. It can be a perfect option for you in the city this summer.
Louis Vuitton monogram

Colors of Summer

What does summer mean for you? What do you feel when you think of summer? We feel the brisk hot air and smell of the sea, vivid bright colors, and a fresh vibe that makes us energetic. We love to gaze at shiny colored bags and carry them like a fresh breeze.

So, from pastel pink to fuschia, from fair green to fragile sprout green, from light blue to daffodil yellow... Which one defines your summer color?

Louis Vuitton's distinctive bucket silhouette and green color give us the jump-start energy to start our day in the summer.
Louis Vuitton Epi Radne
The Chanel bag will upgrade your summer dress look like the sun is shining with this beauty.
Chanel Shoulder Yellow
Nothing will hint at the summer more than a beautiful sunset at Saint Tropez. This bag's color and pattern remind us of a model from an exclusive collection perfect for traveling.
Louis Vuitton St. Tropez


There's always an undeniable interest in classic styles, and it is seen as an investment purchase and is always a very wearable day to night. These everlasting classics have a unique and well-settled vibe and always guarantee an upgraded look. 

Our editors' picks, simple yet incredibly sleek, like this black leather Chanel bag, are a great style to invest in if you're considering something versatile that you can wear daily. 
Chanel Black Executive
Louis Vuitton Speedy is always a good idea when you talk about classics. It is one of the brand's most iconic designs, easy to travel with, and still spacious enough to hold your essentials.
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
This bohemian beauty of Chloe's Paddington has a vintage look, which gives every outfit an effortless vibe.
Chloe Paddington Gold

Supersize Totes

Ready to make a statement for summer with your tote bag? In summer 2022, we see an increase in supersized totes. They are undoubtedly the chicest way to carry more than your phone, keys, and wallet — your laptop, a change of shoes, or a backup sweater for the chilling summer nights. With our renewed energy, it seems our lives have required bigger-sized bags, and it looks like brands are doing us a favor this season.  

Take this white canvas Gucci GG Tote Bag, for instance; it is perfect for spring and your whole summer. You can likely spend a day with three costumes but only one Gucci bag. 
Gucci GG Tote Bag
To spice things up, this Hermès Vinyl Kelly Beach Bag is a unique specimen of 1997: SOUVENIR DE L'EXPOSITION; this vinyl Kelly beach bag features a slogan print on the front.

Hermes Vinyl
You can easily spot blue shades of the sea with this Louis Vuitton when it complements your white t-shirt and jeans outfit. 
Louis Vuitton Escale


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