The Most Classic 5 Watches That Are Worth Collecting

Rolex BOF

Luxury watches are one of the most delicate accessories. They are seen as the pinnacle of luxury and prestige by most of the people. Just like jewelry, luxury watches hold their lifetime value and this lifetime value makes them a perfect investment. 

Business of Fashion reported that: “The premium to ultra-luxury watch industry will see value reshuffle across geographies, channels and consumer segments in the next five years.” They predict that “the pre-owned watch market is off to become the industry’s fastest-growing segment. A pre-owned watch website that recently reported a spike in searches for Rolex (+18%) and Omega (+12%) which supports this prediction. So, a rise in timeless and luxury vintage watches is predictable.

If you prefer a lived-in heritage, highly valued and budget-friendly watch, you are in the right place. Here at Jebwa, we have a wide range of pre-owned luxury watches from various desirable high-quality brands.

Whether you are a watch collector or you want to buy a timeless piece for yourself, you will love these most classic 5 watches. Those timepieces below are the most classical watches that are worth collecting.

OMEGA Speedmaster

Omega Speedmaster

This watch is not only a masterpiece but it is also known as the first watch on the Moon used during the Apollo mission. The OMEGA Speedmaster was presented in the 70’s as a racing chronograph and received its name from the tachymeter watch bezel.  
A vintage Speedmaster is always an iconic, timeless and an irresistible choice for collectors.

Now, it is available in classic and contemporary styles. We also have a good news for you! A Speedmaster model devoted to Michael Schumacher is waiting for you in our collection.

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Cartier Santos Dumont

Cartier Dumont

Louis Cartier created this popular Cartier model in 1904. This watch is one of the first wristwatches that was ever made in history.

Did you know where did this model get its name from? It took its name from the aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, who asked Cartier to create this watch peculiarly for him. He was the first aviator who flew around the Eiffel Tower. He asked for a design that would allow him not to take a hand off the joystick  while looking at his pocket searching for a watch.

Aside from its precious heritage, take a look at this delicate Cartier watch model. It is effortlessly chic and timelessly valuable. It is always a good idea to invest in a Cartier Santos Dumont watch!

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer

TAG Heuer is a sports watch brand and its philosophy behind its design had always been “simple functionality.” TAG Heuer holds a specific Six Features policy and presents it as follows:

Technology determines function, and function creates the design. This philosophy is expressed by the six unique functional features of each TAG Heuer watch.” 

Tag Hauer

These six features are; 

  1. Water-resistant to 200m., 
  2. Screw-in crown, 
  3. Double safety clasp, 
  4. Unidirectional bezel, 
  5. Sapphire crystal,  
  6. Luminous markings.

So, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer is the single watch in the TAG Heuer line-up that has continuously maintained the “Six Features” since its launch. It is from TAG Heuer’s water sports and diving watches collection.

The origins of the Aquaracer goes back to 1982, and then it was officially released back in 2004. Its athletic and enduring style draws all the attention. This model is a good investment for those who are at the beginning of their precious watch collecting journey.

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Heure H by Hermes 

Hermès first launched the Heure H collection in 1996. This watch is highly popular among fashion lovers. Their dials resemble the letter ‘H’ which adds a unique appeal to this stylish Hermès watch.

These signatured H-shaped cases look very sleek and stylish. The Heure H model would be the perfect fit for you, if you want an elegant piece for yourself.Heure By Hermes

What makes this watch so appealing is its old heritage and timeless style.

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Bulgari Aluminium Chronograph


Bvlgari Aluminium Chronograph is one of the most in-demand contemporary sport watch with its sleek and lightweight style. This model is the reinterpretation of a watch that Bvlgari first launched in 1998 where they combined aluminum cases, rubber straps and quartz movements. 

Especially with the rubber details, the Aluminium Chronograph model creates a difference among the luxury watches. It is comfortable and thus very chic. If you have a casual style, this rubber watch, which changed the description of luxury, will perfectly suit to your unique style.

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How to take care of your luxury watch?

Now, you have your dream watch, and that is really exciting! If you have any questions about taking care of it then feel free to discover our tips.

  • First we would recommend you to start with cleaning your timepiece. Wipe the inside of the band and around the case, and it's back with a soft cloth which helps to remove the excess moisture and the lotion that is built up. 
  • Learn your watch’s water resistance and act accordingly.
  • Try not to expose your watch to direct sunlight.
  • When it comes to storage, place your watches separately and keep them in a box. Remember that the watch box is made to keep them safe and it offers a full protection.
    box watch
We hope that you will find all the answers! Now, you can look for your favorite one.

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