đź’€Seven deadly sins when you're buying a pre-owned Louis Vuitton?đź’€

When buying a pre-loved luxury item online, it is critical to know about the authenticity specifications and how to spot a counterfeit item. In this post, we will go over the authenticity of handbags from Louis Vuitton, the most coveted and popular luxury brand globally.

Since Louis Vuitton bags have been around for so long, the number of counterfeit handbags in the market is increasing every day. 

Let's list the most critical sins to avoid that guarantee you buying an authentic Louis Vuitton bag.

Sin #1 - You have a mysterious seller

You can eliminate most of the authenticity concerns by wisely selecting a seller. You will be looking for respectable sellers with a track record of good public reviews online.

  • Unreasonably low prices for a luxury item

If it is too good to be true, skip it.

  • No public reviews for the seller's previous transactions

Google is your friend here; use it.

  • The seller is overseas, with no apparent contact information. 

Not all overseas sellers sell counterfeit products but remember that counterfeit laws are enforced in the US strongly compared to many other countries. 

  • Return conditions are not clear. 

Most counterfeit sellers will ghost you after you send your payment, and that means you won't get any customer support or return options after your purchase.

Sin #2 - Not Looking into Details

The old saying goes like this; 'The devil is in the details'. 

It is mostly true when it comes to counterfeit products. Counterfeit manufacturers have gotten a great way to create a product that looks real, but at the end of the day, they are just knockoffs of the highest level of quality and artisanship. Request high-resolution images of the handbags!

Lower resolution images can easily hide many of the manufacturing imperfections. Also, magnify the picture to inspect the details of the item. If there are apparent manufacturing flaws, walk away. That being said, pre-owned items may have some deformations due to the usage; keep this also in mind.

Sin #3 - Neglecting the Stamp

The stamp that reads ' Louis Vuitton Paris' and 'made in France' needs to be appropriately placed on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. 

You can look for these specifics on this stamp:

  1. The tail on the L should be very short.
  2. The 'O' is very round and should look more extensive than the 'L.'
  3. Thin and crisp lettering is a must.

Also, you can inspect the region on the date code on the bag. These letters indicate where the bag is manufactured; the first initials should match the country on the stamp. For example, "MI, SD, TH, VI" are all letter codes for different regions of France, and "FC, FH, FL, LA, OS, SD" are codes for states of the United States.

In addition, consider that bags made before 1980 will not have a date code. So vintage bags are not recognizable as fake or authentic by the stamp. 

Sin #4 - Not inspecting the monogram pattern

The LV logo that appears right side up on the front side of the bag and upside down on the model's backside is the mark of Louis Vuitton style.

The canvas is made with one continuous piece of pattern leather. So, if you notice that LV logos are right side up on both sides, the bag is not authentic, and you shouldn't see the LV logo cut off.


If you wonder about the history of LV monogram patterns, check these out: 
The Damier pattern was made of dark and light squares in 1888.

Then in 1896, Georges Vuitton created the iconic LV Monogram Canvas. Typically, it includes a brown colorway with Louis Vuitton initials, diamonds, circles, and flowers printed on coated canvas.

Sin #5 -Tolerating a bad stitching

All stitching on a luxury bag should be perfect. Uneven and loose stitches are a sign of a counterfeit product, and it is a good sign when you spot identical stitches on both sides of the bag. Louis Vuitton ensures that their bags have exact five mustard-yellow stitches across the top of each handle with no variation. 

Louis Vuitton bags are generally lined with brown or red canvas material when it comes to the lining. Monogram canvas bags are lined in brown cotton, and Damier Ebene Canvas bags are lined in red microfiber.

Also, depending on the design, a genuine Louis Vuitton bag may be lined with other textiles, such as cross-grain leather, polyester, or microfiber suede.

Sin #6 - Being blind to the hardware

Examining the quality of hardware on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag is easy. The zipper and the hardware should be real metal and have gold coating looking shiny and bright. You should see specifically the letters of Louis Vuitton on the zipper pull and other hardware features.

Also, the rings on the bags should be D rings or rectangles, not in circle shapes.

Sin #7 - Forgetting about the handles

The handles of Louis Vuitton bags are made from vachetta leather, a natural-toned cowhide that deepens to a rich honey color with age.

So, if you are buying a pre-loved Louis Vuitton bag, the color of the vachetta leather has probably changed to brown or brownish-red. This change is because leather oxidizes and absorbs oils from the hands as they handle the bag. The color change is called the patina. The handles should be a deep shade of brown if the bag were made in the 1990s.

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