Selecting Your First Luxury Handbag: Entry Level Models under $1,000

We all love a luxury bag hanging on our shoulders, elevating our outfits and conveying our style. This article will come to the rescue if you are a newbie in luxury bags and do not know where to start. 

The luxury industry is very much alive and expanding all the time. Fashion houses create new models every season; conversely, iconic models do not disappear quickly from these collections. So, it is always reasonable to buy an iconic model that suits your taste. Do not forget that owning a timeless handbag is always a good investment. When you buy an iconic bag, you have a chance to use it for many years. Furthermore, it always stays chic.

Likewise, preferring a pre-loved luxury bag always makes sense because you have a chance to live luxury on a low budget and contribute to sustainability. 

Here are some timeless and iconic models we choose for you to begin with:

Louis Vuitton Neverfull 

The iconic Neverfull is a casual shopping bag known for its versatile and generous volume. If you live in a city and have a busy life, Neverfull might be your best friend when moving from one place to another.

Neverfull PM Damier
Neverfull MM Tote

Neverfull GM Shoulder

You can choose between different sizes and canvas patterns.
Neverfull comes in 3 sizes;
Neverfull Sizes
and it has three models of pattern; 

  • Monogram,
  • Damier Ebene,
  • Damier Azur.
You will never lose track of your keys and cards through its attached clutch. Its quality is proven; it takes up to 45 hours of manual labor to make this bag.


Louis Vuitton Alma

The rumor has it; that the Alma bag was a particular order of Coco Chanel for her personal use in 1925. She permitted the model's production in 1934, and the model was redesigned by Louis Vuitton's grandson, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the same year.

Alma model has been one of the favorite Louis Vuitton bags for celebrities since the early 2000s. Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian love to use Alma bags occasionally. It will immediately bring finesse to your outfit with its elegant silhouette. 
alma celebrity

The LV Alma bag comes in three standard sizes; the smallest is the Alma BB, the most popular one is the Alma PM, and the largest is the Alma MM.

alma sizes

After 2010, LV introduced two smaller sizes to the Alma line of bags, Mini and Nano.

alma mini and nano

Alma PM comes with a detachable shoulder strap if you want to customize it. You have an option to get a different strap to mix and match to create a distinctive look.

alma strap

Check out the Alma bag with the red shade of EPI leather, which is slightly different from other styles.
Alma Epi Red
If you wish, you can always prefer the classic Monogram style.


Gucci Horsebit

What is a horse-bit? The horse-bit is the piece that is inserted in the horse's mouth to control it while riding. This hardware entered Gucci's fashion world in 1953 and first appeared on a handbag in 1955. 

horsebit collection

It became famous as a branding icon; there is no need for a Gucci logo when the horse-bit hardware is present. This signature hardware comes from the story that the Gucci family were saddlemakers and had equestrian roots. Aldo Gucci recognized this fact and created the horse-bit. Then Gucci creative directors like Tom Ford and Frida Giannini used the horse-bit in their designs until the latest designer Alessandro Michele. 

Horsebit collection has many models, from shoulder bags to mini bags, and the style has evolved through the years. 

gucci horsebit

Gucci Bamboo

The Bamboo collection was like a breath of fresh air in the fashion world when it was first launched. It is innovative and unique still today. It was first introduced to the world by Guccio Gucci in 1947. The model was created out of a need because there was a leather shortage in the aftermath of the Second World War, so using bamboo became an alternative.
bamboo gucci

In 1958, Gucci received its patent on the bamboo bag, which meant no other brand could copy the design. Interestingly, no bamboo handle is ever the same because bamboo handles are still handmade by trained artisans at the Gucci factory outside Florence. 

The Bamboo Collection has one distinct bamboo bag named after Lady Diana; Gucci Diana, and this model was one of her iconic handbags. 

Céline Luggage

Celine Luggage is the ancestor of the most coveted Céline Phantom Leather Bag. The Phantom is the younger design, with broader wingspan sides and a rectangular base; it came in two sizes: medium and large. The Luggage model has offered many styles: tiny models to XXL models, colors, and skins. 
celine luggage
The sizes for the Luggage, from smallest to largest, are Nano, Micro, Mini, Medium, and Shoulder. The latter two have no longer in production.

celine luggage

Céline Luggage remains one of the most preferred handbags.


Gucci GG  

Gucci GG is a reasonable bag to start if you love the Gucci logo.

The Gucci logo comes from Guccio Gucci's founder's initials.

The monogram Gucci print was introduced in the early '60s as two G's—one right-side-up, one upside-down. The iconic GG monogram logo is simple and inspiring. 
gucci shoulder bag

Gucci is a valuable fashion brand; everything it touches becomes desirable! A Gucci bag is simple yet chic, and these qualities make it perfect for daily use on a city stroll, paired with shirts and jeans. 
gucci bag

Fendi Zucchino

Fendi, one of the highly demanded brands in today's fashion world, was created in Rome in 1925. The brand is known for high-quality fur and leather goods.

The double F logo stands for Fun Furs. The legend Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Fendi, introduced the logo for the first time. 

The signature pattern of Fendi is Zucchino, an exclusive monogram pattern by Fendi. This pattern is adaptable to every style of the Fendi bag.
fendi pattern
This handbag will make you feel the Fendi luxury and, at the same time, make your outfit effortlessly chic.

Chanel Wallet and Pouch Bag

For the last touch, if you want to feel the luxury of Chanel, you can always start with buying a purse or a little pouch bag.

Chanel pouch
A Chanel purse is a good idea because you will make a Chanel; a part of your daily life. Not to forget, Chanel may seem more like a luxury brand, but in the 1950s, Coco Chanel made shoulder bags socially acceptable. Chanel gave women an option to create casual looks with Chanel handbags.
Chanel wallet
You will be delighted to feel the perfect leather and love the sleek Chanel logo by owning a Chanel piece. If you are ready for a Chanel, then make it yours. 


That was a guide for when buying your first luxury handbag. We share your excitement and encourage you to check other stylish luxury bags under $1,000 on

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